Saturday, January 18, 2014

WE ARE DONE. Three shows left:

7/29/07 at Girlhaus w/ the cops shutting it down after we played.
8/17/07 at AS220 w/ Disaster Strikes
8/19/07 at Thunderdome w/ Mother Speed
8/25/07 at AS220 w/ The Spots
9/16/07 at AS220 w/ Cola Freaks
10/27/07 at some house w/ smashing the house up and Mike Riley being pissed off all night
11/30/07 at Building 16 w/ CPC Gangbangs
1/13/08 Steve Pid & His Ugly Wires at AS220 w/ Infernal Stronghold
2/14/08 Steve Pid & His Ugly Wires at AS220 w/ Totally Michael
2/15/08 at AS220 w/ Spring Break North Korea, Gay Dancing
2/22/08 at AS220 w/ Hospital Rats, Estrogen Highs, Black Clouds
3/17/08 at Breadbox, New Brunswick, NJ w/ Mi Barrio
3/18/08 at Ramikins, Richmond, VA w/ Wasted Time, Brutal Knights
3/19/08 at Disgraceland, Philly, PA w/ Brutal Knights
3/20/08 at Platonic Sleepover, Boston, MA w/ Brutal Knights
4/19/08 at the Tower, Cleveland, OH w/ Horrible Fest
5/2/08 Steve Pid & His Ugly Wires at Thunderdome w/ The Body
5/8/08 at AS220 w/ Hard Skin, Invasion, (Fucked Up called out sick)
7/3/08 at The Catacombs w/ Punch, DFI, Sweatlodge
7/28/08 at Metal Mansion w/ Infernal Stronghold, Nothing Is Over
8/13/08 at 17 Mules, White Load's "last" show, w/ Tinsel Teeth
9/29/08 at Silent Barn, Queens, NY w/ beard "punks"
10/7/08 Black Traitor at Catacombs w/Cola Freaks, Libyans
4/17/09 at The Paradise, Boston, MA w/ World/Inferno F.S.
8/14/09 Record Release at PeekaBoo Gallery w/ Holy Sheet, R+B Motherfuckers
9/11/09 at Jerky's Doucheteria w/ Fancy Fest bands
9/26/09 at AS220 w/ Hellbastard, Resistant Culture, I Destroyer
1/17/10 at AS220 w/ Brain Shivers
2/27/10 at 17 Mules w/ Homostupids
3/12/10 at 201 w/ Lifers, She Rides
5/30/10 at Papercut Hippie Jams, Cambridge, MA w/ Homostupids
6/7/10 at 201 w/ Kyklooppien Sukupuutto
7/18/10 at 201 w/ Lifers, Pigeon Religion
9/14/10 at Problem House, Boston, MA w/ UV Race
11/3/10 at Building 16 w/ Foreign Objects, Diet Cokeheads
11/7/10 at Castlevania w/ Hjertestop
1/21/11 at 201 w/ Flyin' Trichechos, Brown Sugar, Holy Sheet's last show (with us)
2/19/11 at AS220, Butt Fest w/ Homostupids, Dropdead, Libyans, Third Death
4/8/11 at AS220 w/ R&B Motherfuckers
5/30/11 at Industry w/ Tragedy
7/24/11 at Acheron, Brooklyn, NY w/ Raw Nerve
8/13/11 at White Load Fest, Empire Street w/ Andrew WK
8/19/11 at Paragon w/ Ice Age
11/20/11 at Castlevania w/ Suffering Bastard
3/16/12 at Cloud City, Phila., PA w/ locals
3/17/12 at Valentines, Albany, NY w/ Girls of Porn
3/24/12 at Chernobyl w/ Night Birds
4/15/12 at Prov w/ Bad Noids
5/12/12 at Horrible Fest, Cleve., OH w/ Brainwashed Youth
5/21/12 at AS220 w/ Warrior Kids, Boston Strangler
6/10/12 at BLACK TRAITOR at Funky Jungle
7/3/12 at at Funky Jungle w/ Brown Sugar
7/27/12 at at AS220 w/ Dead People Screaming, Holy Night
8/18/12 at at Valentines (Upstairs) Albany NY w/ Holy Night
9/3/12 at AS220 w/ Inservibles
10/27/12 at Funky Jungle w/ Mainline Cocksuckers
2/22/13 at AS220 w/ Insult, White Pages
3/15/13 at Squid Amps w/ Nuclear Santa Claust
4/17/13 at Blood Drive w/ Bad Noids
6/24/13 at Munchaus w/ Wymyns Prysyn, White Pages, Beastie Boys
10/27/13 at Radio, Boston, MA w/ Rectal Hygenics
12/28/13 at Some barn in W. Mass w/ Glue, Beastie Boys

1/18/14 at some warehouse in Olneyville w/ RAT STAB
2/20/14 at some warehouse in Olneyville w/ Libyans
March 2014 at AS220 w/ The only bands that matter